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 At Morcott Tyres and Exhaust Centre we cover all aspects of car maintanence and repairs. We also stock a huge range of spare parts and components for all of the most popular makes and models.

      We service, replace and       repair:


  • Cataylitic Converters 

  • Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

  • Exhaust Systems

  • ABS Systems

  • Automatic Gearboxes

  • Electronically Charged Heaters

  • Power Steering Racks

  • Headlamps

  • Dashboard Electronics

  • Power Accessories

 And more...


We are also one of Rutland's leading MOT centres, offering a comprehensive and affordable service that will ensure your car is safe, roadworthy and performing to the best of it's ability.

Air Conditioning

Morcott Tyres and Exhaust Centre, Rutland, specialize in the service and repair of automotive air conditioning systems that purify the air within you car - eliminating bacteria, micro-organisms and bad odurs that can cause headaches, nausea and allergic reactions.


Valeo air conditioning units offer:


  • A clean and purified car environment

  • Fluid air circulation control

  • Protection against harmful particales

  • Elimination of bacteria and mould within the ventalation system

  • Reduced risk of allergic reactions

  • Durablitily and long life


As fully-registered experts, we're comitted to delivering a quality service that reflects Valeo's, and your own, high standards.

We gaurantee to:


  • Perform a complete diagnosis of your car's air conditioning

  • Only use quality original parts that are guaranteed for one year

  • Explain all work being carried out

  • Recycle 100% of residual fluids

  • Control all leakage at each service


For more information about Valeo air conditioning units and how they can benefit you, please contact us.


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